Chemistry, Page 4

Here we are establishing that Lyle is the Perfect Boy.

I remember shortening the last panel significantly.

I really enjoyed What the bleep do we know? when I saw it as a teen. But I think I liked it because it gave me hope in a really depressing situation. Poverty can be depressing. You don’t really notice it when you’re down in it, but looking back, a lot of my anguish, like my teeth, my lack of options in life, stemmed from poverty. The movie gave me hope and a feeling of control. But deep inside, I knew I had to find a concrete way to change my life. I knew wishful thinking wouldn’t magically shift my jaw. Only $25,000 worth of surgery could do that. And if it couldn’t move my jaw, wishful thinking wasn’t likely to bring me $25,000. As always, I was going to have to bust a move.

The Universe doesn’t ask you to dance. You have to ask it first.