Das Boots, Page 6

I once drew a map of Nowhere, Virginia, the mountain town where Rachel the Great lived. All of the roads and locations had names that related to music. Rachel lived on Fascination Street, right off the Lost Highway, which is the name of a movie whose soundtrack was produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Sometimes these details sneaked back into the comic without warning.

There was a Disenchanted Forest right next to the Enchanted Forest, and across the road were the Seven Seas of Rye. I had this vision of Rachel and Tuna on a great “field ship,” traversing said seas. It was part windmill, part steam engine and part clipper ship. I never made the comic because it seemed to fanciful, though. But to this day, I like to close my eyes and imagine Rachel and Tuna on the bow, dueting about challenging mighty titans and their troubadours.

This comic was originally published on gURL.com.