Global Warning, Page 5

My plans were to have Rachel and Brenda end up together at one point or another. I stopped writing the series before that happened.

Also, I married a dude. So I guess the story would stop being autobiographical at that point and verge into pure fantasy, wouldn’t it?

  • williamthebloody

    they could still hang out as proper mates! it’d be nice for Rachel to have some more friends, wouldn’t it? says the shut in.

    • Rachel the Great

      I’m still lacking in friends! Although, less so. I read some people, especially artists and nerds, can go their entire lives feeling like they’re on the outside looking in. I don’t think I’m that far gone, but I don’t wanna get there! I like people! (And I hate them. Working on that.)

  • Xodin

    Nothing to stop you from creating a new character to carry on adventures based on the various “what if” scenarios that you’ve been presented with :)