Korny Merchandise, Page 4

I love how much her hair changes in this first comic. Later on, Rachel’s hair is very iconic. It always hangs a certain way and poofs here like so… I had it down to a science from doing it so much. It’s nice to see the original, wilder hair forms that the more structured approach grew from.

I also love “Blonde Guy” in this. You’d think Bob was the first male character I drew, but it was actually Random Blondie over there. Whenever I needed some guy patsy (who wasn’t inherently stupid or evil like Bob), I’d just stick Blondie in there. I was really bad at drawing guys for a long time. They all looked the same. Even this one looks like a white-haird Bob!

  • Alison

    This has to be among my favorite comics content wise. I remember when I first saw it I started jumping around and squeeking and pointing that someone besides me had actually clued in on the advertising space issue >.>

  • http://party-on.cc CC

    …it’s sad that people actually do think 40 is a fair price, haha.

    I love that you’re posting all your comics in chronological order, it’s nice to see all the progress you’ve made!