Masturbators Anonymous, Page 6

I was surprised at the number of comments referring to masturbation as “dirty” at, where this comic was originally posted on commission. Masturbation is not dirty. We’re conditioned to think that, though, if our parents tell us our genitals are “dirty” and so on. How can they be dirty? Babies come out of there!

Once you get over the whole “masturbation is dirty” thing, you’ll find your sexuality a lot fun and interesting. Plus, your future (or current) partner will appreciate it. I have heard of so many relationships strained by sexual tension because one partner has hangups on the perceived cleanliness of sexual acts and intimacy. My solution? Invest in a latex bodysuit and lots of lube. I kid, naturally. But seriously, masturbation is a big step toward feeling comfortable with your sexuality and in many cases that comfort does wonders for personal relationships.