Noisy Nabors, Page 2

A small stroke of genius (or madness) that occurred to me at 5am: If they are partying all night, they must be sleeping all day. If I want them to sleep at night and be quiet, I just need to keep them up. I work from home all day and enjoy Industrial music, so this was no problem.

I was also sleeping on an inflatable mattress. Or on a big pillow on the floor. It was a really tiny, tiny closet with windows I was renting. A bed would not have fit. Plus, I had no car. How would I have gotten it there?

  • Senyah

    You could have gotten your elephant from your 4th dimensional pocket to carry it for you. Doesn’t everyone have one?

  • http://IWISH! Reese76

    “There is no problem that Cannot be solved by the application of high explosives…” Gunnery Sargent Boddette, USMC E.O.D.