Rachel and Tuna #2

I was fifteen when I made these comics. At that time, I’d just seen Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy, and I wanted to be an inker when I grew up. I practiced inking my own comics, and what better to draw comics about than my cat, Tuna?

I first posted these comics on my Geocities site (remember Geocities?) back in the day. And that’s how I started making web comics!

  • http://williamsbloodyhell.com williamthebloody

    i used to have a geocities site. oy.
    i remember when i started inking all i had was a felt tip pen, the kind that you write with, a sir marks-a-lot marker, and a calligraphy marker. you really learn to use the tools you have, though.
    i like seeing these old comics. it shows how much you’ve learned and grown as an artist over the years!