Rachel’s Box, Page 6

Reading all the positive comments on this comic, I’m surprised at how well it was received. Usually the gURL.com crowd was pretty quiet when I did more experimental pieces. But these kind remarks make blush!

I love the design of this last page. The hard, dynamic lines and solid coloring pull you right out of Rachel’s dream state. Plus, cool jammies and Tuna cameo. It’s a good page.

(Also, notice she’s on a bed! I had a queen size mattress on the floor of a new apartment at this point in my life. It was a great apartment, part of an old southern mansion in the Grandin area of Roanoke, VA. I have great memories about that place. Free heat and unlimited hot water. Spent many a cold night reading in that tub.)

  • Luka

    Am I the only one who thinks of the word ‘box’ being used as a euphemism here? Or was that your intent?

  • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

    Right you are! I mentioned in the commentary on another page of this comic that “box” is British slang for “vagina.”