Return of the Anti-Cupid, Page 4

In the little Sparrow chibi in the Anti-Cupid’s speech bubble, you can see Sparrow’s “bitch tail” which appears when she’s being a bitch, much like Rachel’s cat ears appear when she’s thinking lusty thoughts.

Oh, I hadn’t realized this guy knew Rachel. Hmm.. She needs a better disguise.

Also, check out the bubble tea! I had just discovered it earlier in the year at Wizard World Philadelphia!

  • Lauren

    It took me years to figure out that when you were talking about bubble tea, you meant milk tea with boba. I used to work at a place that served that (we had milk tea, mango, or strawberry) and every night we had to make the little boba balls out of the tapioca and let them “rest” in a sugar solution and then our boss would cook them in the morning.