Sparrow’s Song, Page 7

And that’s why I name Sparrow “Sparrow” so many years ago. She is the sparrow to Rachel’s crow.

We’re getting really close to where I shelved the series. I wish I had been able to finish this story arc. I just finished setting up Sparrow’s predicament and Rachel’s attitude. The arena was set. It was set!! I had my lincoln log village built and my stompy boots on! I was this close to showing the story How Rachel Became Human Came of Age.

At this point, readers cried foul! Rachel, they said, how can you be so mean! What’s wrong with you? Many seemed to believe Sparrow was based on a real person and ran to her defense–these, people who were content to cut her down only weeks before in Sparrow’s Move.

Maybe I was telling the tale of these dueling personalities a little too well?

Clop’s comment on gURL was on the nose:

“Sparrow IS a bitch. She would screw over another girl to get what she wants. But she’s got feelings, everyone does. Even the girls at your school who you think are utter monsters probably go through what Sparrow is going through here.

Rachel hates Sparrow and Bob because they both betrayed her in Stupid Male Incident #1. She has no respect for Sparrow because she would rather find external validation in a man than look within herself and stand on her own two feet. But Sparrow is insecure and her actions betray her.

You will probably see in time that Rachel will learn how Sparrow actually is (callow and weak), not just how she perceives her to be (a slutty user). How Rachel reacts to this new perspective on Sparrow will be very interesting indeed :)

  • sewthernbelle

    I just hope you pick up where you left off. Maybe one day you can have Rachel crash Sparrow’s high school reunion or something. Sparrow all grown up would be interesting to see.

  • Lady Obvious

    And yet SOMEHOW she comes off as a Jerk Sue. Seriously? Oooh she’s not as STRONG as you are and she should never be cared for. I yelled at Rachel cuz she acts like she’s BETTER than everyone. That’s why people are UPSET with Rachel because she’s too freaking BITCHY for her own good at times.

    • Rachel the Great

      Rachel and Sparrow are both a part of me. I was trying to make a point about how easy it is to judge others when you haven’t been in their shoes. But I never got to finish the storyline to properly drive that message home.

      But hey, if you don’t like the characters, no one is forcing you to read it.

  • Lady Obvious

    And when were you ever gonna drive that message home? When hell froze over? For now it’s gonna look like Rachel is Slut Shaming Sparrow and it makes her look bitchy as hell. I usually like Rachel but for crying out loud there are days when she needs a smack upside the head. A big one. Preferably with a cricket bat.

    • Rachel the Great

      I was going to drive it home after I had jaw surgery :) Which took me three years of working my ass off and entire fund raiser (many thanks to the readers who participated) to afford–surgery making comics wasn’t going to pay for. I had to change my career. It wasn’t easy or pretty. Please do not belittle the shit and pain I went through. And when I was ready to finish the story, had been sold and the new owners weren’t paying or talking.

      I still can’t decide if I should actually finish this storyline or restart from a later point in time. But honestly, comments like yours make me want to scrap it. You’re being really negative about something I made a long time ago, and it hurts.

  • Lady Obvious

    :/ I never heard about your jaw surgery…

  • Lady Obvious

    And I’m sorry for being negative about this and for being a total brat. :(

    • Rachel the Great

      Apology accepted. It was a long climb back to now where I feel I can make comics again.

      And hey, I’m glad that I made Sparrow a person you could feel for enough to get upset that her story remains unfinished.