The Hidden Cost of Sex, Page 3

I was surprised by the number of comments at that said that if Sparrow didn’t want to pay that much, she “just shouldn’t have sex.” Never once in my life have I heard of a woman saying, “I’m celibate so I can save money.” Have you?

Good thing there were a number of smart cookies who underlined that any woman, even sexually active with only one man (like, say, her husband), faces these costs sooner or later.



Falcon Whitaker

Plus you don’t need to be sexually active to end up with urinary and vaginal infections, so staying celibate ain’t gonna protect you from them!

Although I do like the idea of claiming that I’m celibate to save cash. It amuses me.

Lindsey Hart

I am actually planning on remaining celibate until marriage– both for moral and personal reasons. Stuff like this just help reinforce those beliefs in my mind. I sure as hell don’t have that kind of cash to spend on birth control, pregnancy tests, and the like. I also have enough stress in my life without having to worry about whether or not I remembered to take the pill. And yeah, I do realize that when I finally start having sex, I will have to worry about some of those things… but right now, staying a virgin seems a bit less stressful, and a LOT cheaper…


I was in the Marine Corps and every time I got back from a Port Call or Liberty off the Ship the Navy Corpsman gave me a shot of penicillin and “swabbed my cannon”. STD tests really hurt sometimes. I finally gave up on leaving the Ship in a foreign port and got some other Marine or Sailor to pay me for standing their watch, it just wasn’t worth all the pain and effort to try and meet a girl and have sexual relations (notice how i avoided the term “hooking up”) with a woman.


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