The Housesitter Comic, Part 4, Page 10

At this point in reality, I wasn’t going home. I was going home long enough to gather my possessions into my mother’s car so she could deposit me in my new home, The Glorified Closet in Roanoke, VA. So it was the end of an era, and I was nervous. Mom had already gone through all her separation anxiety at home alone, but it didn’t hit me until the end of my trip that I really wasn’t ever going home again.


  • Senyah

    Aww man. Now I’m depressed about college. Rachel you meany!!! DX

  • Rachel the Great

    Still thinking about giving it a shot. But it’s hard to turn down paying work for training.

  • http://IWISH! Reese76

    I joined the Marine Corps right after high school cause i was told i would “See the world” and I did, just not exactly like i thought I would. Thank goodness that I payed into the GI Bill for College after I got discharged.

  • J-Kwez

    The thing about college is its so easy to become the lazy college senior. I am currently “Lazy College Grad Student” . . . cuz job hunting is too hard.