The Housesitter, Part 1, Page 2

This character is based on Cindy Ryan, a good friend of mine growing up. She used to own and run a gem shop next to the old Mayberry store off the Blue Ridge Parkway. I would walk over the crest of the mountain through pastures to go see her on weekends and play Scrabble with her. I am very grateful to have known such a wonderful, kind person.

  • Senyah

    Friends are the best!! And so is Scrabble!

    Sister: Hey! YUMMILICIOUS is not a word!
    Me: Yes it is. I say it all the time.
    Sister: No it’s not. You just made it up.
    Me: All words were made by somebody. Besides it’s slang for yummy and delicious look it up.
    *sister looks in dictionary*
    Sister: It’s not in the dictionary.
    Me: It IS in the urban dictionary. XP