The Housesitter, Part 2, Page 19

This café was once  called “Over the Moon,” but now it’s a restaurant called “Natasha’s Market Cafe.” I like to take my mom there when I visit. It’s run by my friend, chef Natasha Shishkevish, a self-made woman of solid determination. I worked with her at a local winery’s restaurant when I was a teenager. I was a bus-girl or a hostess, and she was the head chef. I loved working with her, and we remain friends to this day. She has watched me grow from a shy forest-dwelling geek with dreams of comic-stardom, to an award-winning comicker, to a web designer. She always came to my local book signings. Aside from my mom, I don’t know of anyone else who has kept an eye on me for such a long stretch of my life.