The Housesitter, Part 3, Page 10

“If you’re laughing, you’re doing it right.” I often find that if I’m upset by something or worried that something I have to say might upset someone, I try to turn the uncomfortable situation into a joke we can both laugh at. It doesn’t always work. I can be sulky sometimes. You can’t be 100% on your game all the time. But the point is you keep trying to do “the good thing,” even if it’s “the hard thing,” and it gets easier. Eventually, hopefully, it becomes a natural reaction to adversity.

  • Falcon Whitaker

    *giggles* He must have been so freakin’ adorable :)

  • Rachel the Great

    He totally was. I’m pretty sure he was home-schooled.

  • Senyah

    Does it count if people are laughing at you?