Things that rub me the wrong way: Computer Elitists, Page 2

I love the Opensourcer (or is that opensorceror?)! And the Hardcore Gamer is so hot. Secretly, I would only draw hotties I would want to make out with. You can spot them in my comics by their long, flowing hair.

It remains true that Mac is no better than a PC when it comes to Adobe’s graphic design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. In fact, in some cases, the programs are less glitch-prone on a PC!

I ended up getting a Mac eventually, but it was because working on Ruby on Rails projects was way easier on the Mac’s Unix-based OS than on Windows. Plus, all the (web development) industry standard editors were Mac-only. It was the only machine that offered a Linux-esque development environment while still being able to run Adobe’s programs. That said, I remain aloof about committing to an OS. I expect the ball will swing in the other direction years from now, and I’ll switch back and forth with the industry’s demands.

It is deeply amusing to read what my teenage girl readership at thought of Macs vs. PCs in 2007. I wonder what their thoughts are now? Or what teenage girls today think?

  • Falcon Whitaker

    I’m technically not teenage any more, but I have both a Mac and a PC netbook, and to be honest, I just prefer my Mac because the keyboard is better spaced out for me when it comes to typing, I prefer the way it looks, it doesn’t get viruses or really need virus protection, and I find it more intuitive. On the other hand, I appreciate that Macs are freakin’ expensive. It’s apples and oranges, really: it depends on personal taste.

  • sewthernbelle

    Like I said before, I work tech support. When I went through training there was like five inches of material for Windows and like 2 pages for Mac. Reboot the mac it’s fixed. Done. It convinced my less than tech savvy parents to get it and they love their mac. So I may not know much about graphic and web design (I do tech support for a cable company, we’re not that trained!) but I know I’d rather save myself the hassle. Next pc or table I get, it’s gonna have an apple on it.

  • Lindsey

    I’m a PC gal, definitely. Mostly because the majority of the programs I use are not compatible with Mac OS, but I also prefer PCs because that’s what I learned how to use a computer on (my parents had an IBM while I was growing up). I did eventually use Macs throughout elementary school and middle school, but out of habit I constantly returned to using a PC whenever I could.

  • Lala

    I’m not technically a teen, but I do use a Mac. I cant speak as to designers and stuff, but I just like the way it’s said. The main fault I find is that the are practically no game companies that create mac-only or mac-open games, which means that a pretty large percentage (I’m not sure how big, but not all of the gamers on Earth use PCs!) of the gaming population is left high and dry. Another one is the one-button mouse, but it comes with a fix for that.

  • Lala

    Wait, said? I meant set up! I don’t now where that came from!

  • Lala


    I am angry.