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Fun fact, on the back of 18 Revolutions was a picture of me saying, “Please! Buy this book or I’ll have to go to college!”

Another reason I didn’t go to college was money. We just couldn’t afford to send me. The older people I knew kept telling me, “Oh, you’re so smart! You’ll surely get a full scholarship like my sister did in the ’60′s.” I had to break it to them that things have changed since the 60′s. A lot of smart, poor kids want to go to college. Those full scholarships are hard to find.

Besides, I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d major in. I wanted to be an Ornithologist, but that’s a very long career path, and there’s no way my mom could have paid for even the first leg of the journey. Aside from that, I just liked making comics, and I did sell one here and there to

I knew I had to find my own way.

Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t take out any loans to go to college and get a degree. I know far too many people in my generation who are having trouble making those degrees pay for themselves, and the debt haunts them.

Somehow, through comics, I ended up as a web designer then a front-end developer, making good money with no college education. I am extremely grateful to all the people who have helped me on this path. It was very hard coming this far.

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