Vive la Révolution, Page 5

I did want to be that publisher. But it never happened. I learned through effort that publishing my own comics, let alone anyone else’s, would require more money and connections than I had access to in the Middle of Nowhere.

Take a look at those initial panels about learning the software and building a site. That’s foreshadowing! I learned Photoshop while I was still being home-schooled. I built my first site,, a community, in Drupal (that’s a screenshot of its landing page in that panel). I read books on PHP and HTML and the entire damned Adobe Creative Suite. I devoted an immense amount of time and energy as a teenager not just to making comics but also to preparing and sharing them. And in the end, those were the skills that let me get a real job that I love. My only regret is that real jobs mean less time for making comics!

Sometimes I feel like a failure for not having lived that dream the way I wanted. But then I remember all the friends I’ve made and the adventures I’ve been on and the people I’ve helped, and I don’t feel like it was for naught. And who knows? Maybe I’ll actually make this happen one day, on a more robust digital model ;) Humans have long lives. I could still do it! Check back in ten years.

Fun fact:’s tagline was “Vive la Révolution!”

  • Kay

    You might not have gotten to live your dream the way you planned it, but thanks to you and, I am a webcomic nerd for life. So thank you for giving me one more happy thing in a cruel world. :D

  • Holly

    Don’t worry about not getting your dream Rachel, everything in this world is connected, and everything happens for a reason. It was because of your words that I started a dream of my own. Since I was thirteen years old I’ve been writing books, but was too afraid to show them to anyone. (Being shy makes you get like that, plus I was also homeschooled and living in.. Well… The middle of nowhere.) While I wrote my books I stumbled upon your comics, and from them I’ve learned how to draw. Before finding your site I was never inspired to draw anything other than stick people. Now I’m writing my fifth Novel and making comics for anyone who wants to see! If it wasn’t for you I would have always been too afraid. You were always my role model growing up, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say that. I just hope one day I can be apart of the connection, and maybe the world can slowly feel a little less lonely. Your dream isn’t dead, just slightly different. :)