Always Pack Protection, Page 5

It’s a downward spiral of condoms! Nooooo….!

“Lexy’s” condoms are based on Trojan’s Elexa condoms. I loved the packaging and that they weren’t in the “condom aisle.” I still have some kicking around somewhere. But honestly, although I packed protection for conventions, I never needed it. It was nice knowing it was there, though, just in case ;)

I don’t think Trojan makes Elexas anymore, although Trojan has started marketing a line of “massagers” to women. The ads are just too over the top! I’m all pro-happy-sexy-girly-times, but this made me guffaw. You have to watch till the very end:

They really need to hire some ladies in Marketing, I think.

Condom manufacturers have started marketing more “couples” products, but there still aren’t any hip and sexy condoms like Elexa’s.