Even Marilyn Monroe Had Cellulite, Page 2

Fun fact: Schnell, schnell is German for “faster, faster!”

This comic got so many positive comments. It had body issues, Tuna, a happy ending, and moshing. Girls started repeatedly saying things like, “Your comics make my week bearable!” and, “Your comics helped me survive being a teen!”

The mosh pit scene got a lot of laughs. If you look closely, you can see that there is a repeated background of human-esque figures in that panel. I was not in the mood to draw much background detail so I took the cheap way out.

I drew this probably soon after my breakup. As you can see, I was feeling pretty focused and had more time to spend on drawing more details. The characters are on-model, the subjects are lightweight and fun. These comics give away how relieved I felt to be single again.