Even Marilyn Monroe Had Cellulite, Page 3

I have seen almost every body lotion company produce creams to “reduce the appearance of cellulite.” Notice that it doesn’t “get rid of” or “eliminate” cellulite. They can’t use phrases like that because it would be false advertising. But you can advertise that something “reduces the appearance” of anything (wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, large pores) because “appearance” and it’s perception are largely subjective. There’s not way to quantify something’s appearance. If you ever hear quantities bandied about, like “reduces the appearance of fine lines by as much as 80%,” it is definitely snake oil. There is no FDA-approved method for measuring the appearance of anything, so companies can make whatever claims they like.

Don’t fall for it. Save your money for a really nice meal or a good pair of shoes and be happy.

  • http://littlezotz.com Lauren

    This reminds me of all the years my mom gave me tubs of “Fat Girl Slim” and bottles of “Love Handler” for Christmas… >_<

    My mom is a former anorexic and I've been "fat" in her eyes since I hit puberty.

    I do want to lose a little weight, but only so my Hypoglycemia doesn't tip over into Diabetes (170 is a bit "big" for a girl who's only 5'3" tall). I'm perfectly fine with having curves (and cellulite!), but I would be less fine with shelling out money for insulin.

    • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

      Oh god, that’s horrible. I’m so sorry you were put under that kind of pressure. Parents can infect their children with their own demons all too easily :(

  • http://littlezotz.com Lauren

    It’s fine! And I’m sure glad I didn’t get that breast reduction surgery she suggested! I’ve become somewhat “known” for my awesome rack. haha. ;)

    In the end, it all worked out. I’m okay with my body, and my fella loves it too. :) I just hope if there’s another girl out there with a similar situation (and I’m sure there is!) that she’ll learn the same lessons I did and be okay too. Maybe she’ll learn it from reading this comic! :D

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