No more Mr. “Nice Guy,” please! Page 2

Ugh, I had a boyfriend who used to keep a “running tab” on me. And he never “gave” anything he just “loaned” you things. Romantic gesture? No, try indentured servitude.

I must have been in a really bad place to tolerate that kind of crap. But this guy was not doing a good job of freeing me to make my own decisions. At one point I realized that I could not break up with him without losing, say, my transportation (was “borrowing” a motorcycle helmet). So I quietly began buying the things I needed to be independent as I could afford them. When I was at last in a position to make a decision not based on needs or convenience, I chose to break things off. He was too into playing “knight in shining armor” long after the dragon was slain.

  • Matija Marohnić

    I don’t think I agree with the second panel, this just seems like the “guy who’s into you” :)
    The tab-keeping boyfriend sounds awful :)

    Replying to a 5-year old post FTW :D