No Time for Boys, Page 5

Eee, this scene still makes me blush! I’m such a sucker for these lame, romantic lines! “For you, anything.” Pfft, please! So predictable! But so effective! I wish more guys had try to woo me thusly when I was single. My husband was the first one to really try to sweep me off my feet. It was a full-on romantic assault. And it worked so well! I still look back and say, wait, what?

This was originally commissioned by and posted on A lot of the teenage gurls commented that this helped them feel better about not being in a relationship yet. I wrote this one reply:

“Just wanted to say that if you haven’t had a boyfriend yet, I didn’t have one till I was 19, it lasted three months or so, and I waited three years before I met another I wanted to date.

It takes some time! Don’t settle! Good things come to those who are in no hurry to buy.”

That was 2008. Four years later, I still have this “heron in the pond” sit-and-wait attitude about things. I wonder if I still will in 40 years? It’s serving me well so far.

  • williamthebloody

    i very much enjoy this comic. too many people feel the need to define their happiness by whether or not they are in a romantic relation of not that it saddens me. i would rather have time alone that quickly date the next person who is remotely interested just to have a date. too many people wind up too long with the wrong person because of this. be patient and wait for the right one, i say!

  • williamthebloody

    … wow sorry about the typos. hope you can figure out what i was trying to say up there.
    yeah, that’s really bad.

  • Rachel the Great

    I’ll just pretend you were texting that comment in on a bumpy bus ride ;)