Rachel’s Magical Bosom, Page 3

To be honest, I get this reaction whenever I get a new haircut, new outfit, new lipstick, new love interest, heck, anything that puts some bounce in my step. It really comes down to how happy you feel and how much you exude that good vibe.

That said, when this comic went up on gURL.com originally, it got a lot of breast-positive comments from girls. It was a little startling how many male lurkers showed up to comment on the boobage as well.

Mr. Piggy’s Grocery is a stand-in for my favorite grocery store: Slaughter’s in Floyd, Virginia!

  • sewthernbelle

    I like the name of your fictional grocery store better. Slaughter’s? What were they thinking?

  • Julia

    Not to sound like a stalker but ever sense I was a kid I loved that you lived in a small town in Virginia because I also do. Like, every time I headed out to like, Bluefeild I would wonder if there was a chance I’d meet you and it’d be beautiful. Just saying. Excuse me while I get someone to drive me 2 and a half hours to see Slaughter’s.

    • http://rachelnabors.com Rachel the Great

      I think I went near Bluefield once or twice! Man, I always love it when I meet people through my comics. Might happen yet :)