Return of Rachel the Great, Page 3

The symbol at the end of her pen-staff is my stylized crow seal, the same one from my second self-published graphic novel Crow Princess. It’s out of print, and I can’t afford to make more copies. Maybe I’ll put it up online sometime?

I had such a good time illustrating these sequences, by the way.

  • Julia

    Oh goodness, please post it ;_; I remember wanting to buy it so bad when I was younger but having no idea how the fancy shmancy internet purchasing business went. This page is awesome, by the way <3.

  • Rachel the Great

    I’ll definitely consider it, Julia! Maybe after I finish re-posting all my comics. Thanks!

  • Holly

    I would love to read your books if I could! Back when you were selling them I was still a kid and my mom wouldn’t let me buy things online, but I always wanted to see more of your work!

    • Rachel the Great

      Hey Holly, do you have an iPad or a Kindle or other tablet device? I’ve been thinking about re-releasing it as an eBook…