Stupid Male Incident #169, Page 3

Growing up, I always had a rough time with guys. They always seemed to want someone like me, but not me. It was confusing and frustrating. The guys I wanted to notice me never made a move, and the ones I wanted nothing to do with, well, I had to beat them off with a stick, figuratively speaking. I’m still not certain what was up, but I suspect it was a combination of my poor social skills and intimidating confidence and intelligence (and being tall–that’s one of those things many guys claim to like in girls, but it takes them a long time to get the confidence to approach tall girls).

Once I got into my twenties, I got tired of waiting for Mr. Right to bust a move. So I busted a move on Mr. Right! And that’s how I ended up dating and eventually marrying my husband. I just had to take the bull by the horns.

Looking back on these comics, I wonder what would have happened if Rachel had just asked the cute guys out instead of waiting passively? I think she’d have given Sparrow a run for her money ;)

  • xero

    yea see once a guy has been fiends with a woman for more than 5 years he figures he’s never gonna hit that and puts her in the same catagory as any female relatives