Stupid Male Incident #169, Page 4

And here you see the emergence of the Rachel-Bob-Sparrow relationship dynamic. At this point, Rachel is still friendly with Bob, even if she thinks he’s a dolt (and he quite often acts like one). Sparrow has shown herself as the self-concerned center of Bob’s attention.

I actually had that cape. It was burgundy fleece, and I sewed it myself. It was so snuggly!

  • Lady Obvious

    DX Oh Rachel..if you wanted a date that bad why didn’t you ask Bob? :/ It’s not like he’s gonna bite.

    Ok he’d sit there stunned for a few seconds cuz Rachel asked him. X3 But he probably wouldn’t have told her no.

    I wonder why she never thought of that? Lol. X3

  • sassynaps

    I was so obsessed with your comics back in my early teens!! I stayed on for hours!