The Self Doubt Fairy, Page 2

The Self Doubt Fairy is one of my favorite characters to draw. I drew the original concept art while watching Miami Ink while house-sitting. I distinctly remember drawing this page on the guest bed while Miami Ink was in the background.

Her design is part green fairy, part Tinkerbell and all Sparrow. The diamond patterns represent materialism and glitter with sequins. She has tiny pompoms on her platforms as a nod to ‘Tink. The black star on her chest is a kick back to Sailor Moon. I always liked the image of a black star, and I used it often to denote otherworldly beings in my comics.

Since the Self Doubt Fairy always takes the form of whoever makes you feel the most insecure, I thought it would be fun to reveal what other characters’ ‘fairies looked like in future comics. I wonder, can your Self Doubt Fairy ever look like you? I know sometimes I have a hard time living up to myself.

  • Falcon Whitaker

    I love the look of the Self-Doubt Fairy :D I must say, I particularly like the little top hat. I’d like to have one of those for myself!