The Self Doubt Fairy, Page 3

(My apologies for the two skipped days. We went on vacation! Blog to come soon.)

Sadly, in the printed mini-comics, the green was lost in the grayscale printing. But I love how it acts as a highlight.

I have had all these thoughts at one time or another. Still have them from time to time. I wish I could tell you that you get stronger and they go away. But they don’t. Every day is a battle with self-doubt for me.

Notice Rachel’s “sexy ears” in the bottom left panel? Yep, she only gets those when she’s thinking sexy thoughts. Although, she doesn’t look enthusiastic with the Self Doubt Fairy on her shoulder :(

  • Falcon Whitaker

    Aw man, I know the bottom right panel oh so well. I have regular battles with my own Self Doubt Fairy when it comes to grades, but I’m starting to get less perfectionist about these things and accept that I’m awesome no matter what grades I get. It’s not quite squishing the Self Doubt Fairy under a book, but it’s certainly giving her several nasty wedgies! ;)