The Self Doubt Fairy, Page 4

This is the only real way to get past self doubt. Are you worried about your anatomy? Take figure drawing classes. Don’t think that guy would go out with you? Ask him out. Worried about that cellulite? Don’t bother yourself. Nothing gets rid of cellulite.

“If you can’t improve the situation, either change it or learn to tolerate it.”

All you can do is tell yourself you’re trying your best. If you can’t say that, then that’s why you’re feeling self doubt. Only when you’re giving something your all can you cancel out Self Doubt with Bravado.

  • James Jeffers

    Are women really worried about cellulite? As a man, I can’t say cellulite was ever on my list of things to worry about in a woman. Worrying if she was going to kill me in my sleep was always anxiety #1.

  • Rachel the Great

    Considering the number of creams and potions on the market (falsely) promising to get rid of cellulite, I’d say women are self-conscious about it. But it’s hard not to be when the women in magazines and movies are airbrushed to pre-teen levels of smoothness. After awhile, when you look in the mirror, you might just see an abnormal freak ;)

  • Falcon Whitaker

    I try to live my life by this philosophy :) A lot of things scare me and make me doubt myself, but the best thing to do is just throw myself out there and DO it. 99% of the time, things end up a lot easier than you expect anyway!

    One of my favourite Rachel stories, I think. For real :)

  • nyan

    I love your comics, always good messages <3